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Mejia Hernandez, J.A. (author), Havik, K.M. (author), Charum, Memet (author), Akcan, Esra (author)
journal article 2022
Obeid, Rebwar (author)
HOPTILLE 2.0, a project aiming to improve the liveability of the neighbourhood Hoptille in Amsterdam. The research is based on literature study of Jane Jacobs and Jan Gehl, as well as, interviews with the residents of the neighbourhood. The main outcomes of the research that were used for the design, focused on the keyword list of Jan Gehl and...
master thesis 2021
Komez-Daglioglu, E. (author)
Context is a crucial concept in architecture, despite the frequent ambiguity around its use. It is present in many architectural thoughts and discussions, while a critical discursive reflection is absent from contemporary architectural theory and practice. Situated within this schizophrenic condition in which the notion is both absent and...
doctoral thesis 2017