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De Jong, Jenny (author), Fokkink, R.J. (author), Olsder, G.J. (author), Schwab, A.L. (author)
In a cycling time trial, the rider needs to distribute his power output optimally to minimize the time between start and finish. Mathematically, this is an optimal control problem. Even for a straight and flat course, its solution is non-trivial and<br/>involves a singular control, which corresponds to a power that is slightly above the aerobic...
journal article 2017
de Jong, J. (author), Fokkink, R.J. (author), Olsder, G.J. (author), Schwab, A.L. (author)
The optimal pacing strategy of a cyclist in an individual time-trial depends on terrain, weather conditions and the cyclists endurance capacity. Previous experimental and theoretical studies have shown that a suboptimal pacing strategy may have a substantial negative effect. In this paper we express the optimal pacing problem as a...
conference paper 2016