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Xiao, Yidi (author), Rivandi, H. (author), Lopes Marta da Costa, T.M. (author)
Emerging ultrasound (US) biomedical applications, from battery-powered US imaging to US neuromodulation, demand wearable form factor and power-efficient US transmitters. Fulfilling these specifications demands a high-frequency and power-efficient 2D US phased-array transmitter directly integrated with the ASIC. In such systems, pulsers are the...
conference paper 2023
Xiao, Yidi (author)
Noninvasive brain stimulation plays an essential role in diagnosing and treating diseases of the brain. This stimulation can affect disease-related changes in brain activation, inhibition, or connectivity. Ultrasound neuromodulation is a rapidly growing field of noninvasive brain stimulation. In a form of acoustic pressure waves, ultrasound can...
master thesis 2022