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Mok, G. (author)
master thesis 2015
Van Veen, S. (author)
Background The general objective of this research is to investigate the use of ferrofluids in planar bearings for precision stages. Ferrofluids are suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles in a base fluid. When in a magnetic field, these particles are attracted and the fluid is pressurized. The induced pressure can be used to carry a load. This...
master thesis 2013
Dunning, A.G. (author)
This paper presents the first zero stiffness six degrees of freedom (DoF) compliant precision stage. To deal with problems like backlash, friction and lubrication for performing ultra-precise positioning in a vacuum environment, a novel compliant structure is proposed. All six degrees of freedom are statically balanced (i.e. near zero stiffness)...
master thesis 2011