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Mokveld, T.O. (author)
Genomics is a field devoted to understanding the differences in genetics between populations, individuals, and even within individuals. By constantly comparing and contrasting data from diverse sources, genomics can refine our understanding of life and identify new ways to improve our lives. However, this often presents technical and biological...
doctoral thesis 2023
Mokveld, T.O. (author), Al-Ars, Z. (author), Sistermans, Erik A. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author)
In prenatal diagnostics, NIPT screening utilizing read coverage-based profiles obtained from shallow WGS data is routinely used to detect fetal CNVs. From this same data, fragment size distributions of fetal and maternal DNA fragments can be derived, which are known to be different, and often used to infer fetal fractions. We argue that the...
journal article 2022