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Chakraborty, S.T. (author)
With increasing renewable energy and cross-sectoral electrification price volatility is increasing. Flexibility through demand-side management and electric storage has the potential for reducing price volatility. In this thesis, using duality theory the flexibility required for constraining price to a maximum limit is quantified. <br/...
doctoral thesis 2022
Teweldebrihan, M.D. (author), Lyu, H. (author), Pande, S. (author), McClain, M.E. (author)
Ethiopia depends on rain-fed agriculture with limited use of irrigation for agricultural production. More than 90% of the food supply in the country comes from low productivity rain-fed smallholder agriculture. Since the livelihoods of many farmers depend on rainfed agriculture, this paper investigates how smallholders adapt to climate...
journal article 2021
Chakraborty, S.T. (author), Verzijlbergh, R.A. (author), Baker, Kyri (author), Cvetkovic, M. (author), De Vries, Laurens (author), Lukszo, Z. (author)
Recently, given the increased integration of renewables and growing uncertainty in demand, the wholesale market price has become highly volatile. Energy communities connected to the main electricity grid may be exposed to this increasing price volatility. Additionally, they may also be exposed to local network congestions, resulting in price...
journal article 2020