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Downs, D.H. (author), Sebastian, Steffen (author), Woltering, René-Ojas (author)
This paper examines the impact of the ratio of price-to-fundamental value on the stock market performance of real estate securities following seasoned equity offerings and senior debt issuances. Using a global sample of real estate securities, we distinguish between growth stocks, i.e. those with the highest stock prices relative to the private...
conference paper 2017
Korthals Altes, W.K. (author)
Public contracts between contracting authorities and economic operators take place in a context in which initiative rests with a contracting authority publishing a contract notice defining content and scope of the contract. Many innovative contracting practices, described as public-private partnerships (PPP) take place using public contract...
report 2014
Hoekstra, R. (author)
The Dutch government aims since the 1990s at a more market oriented approach in urban planning with different implications in terms of who benefits and loses from interventions in vulnerable places such as neighbourhoods of empowerment (krachtwijken). This policy shift and way of thinking about urban planning implicated big changes in the...
master thesis 2012