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Andrade Borges, Emilia (author)
This thesis addresses the topic of ongoing (excessive) deformations observed in balanced cantilever prestressed concrete bridges all over the world. Many authors attribute this behavior to the time-dependent phenomena of creep and shrinkage. Balanced cantilever bridges are classified as creep-sensitive structures, and for that reason, a detailed...
master thesis 2023
Bertrand-Krajewski, Jean-Luc (author), Uhl, Mathias (author), Clemens, F.H.L.R. (author)
Assessing uncertainties in measurements must become a standard practice in the field of urban drainage andstormwater management. This chapter presents three standard methods to estimate uncertainties: the Type Amethod (repeated measurements), the Type B method (law of propagation of uncertainties) and the MCmethod (Monte Carlo method). Each...
book chapter 2021
Zhang, Bingbing (author), Hu, Y. (author), Wang, Hongying (author), Zhuang, Zhaowen (author)
Underwater source localization problems are complicated and challenging: a) the sound propagation speed is often unknown and the unpredictable ocean current might lead to the uncertainties of sensor parameters (i.e. position and velocity); b) the underwater acoustic signal travels much slower than the radio one in terrestrial environments,...
journal article 2018