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Bouwman, W.G. (author)
Spin-echo small-angle neutron scattering (SESANS) yields structural information on length scales from 30 nanometres up till 20 micrometres. These length scales match nicely those of colloids, protein networks and fat droplets, which are present in many food materials. This makes SESANS an excellent probe to study food materials. An interesting...
journal article 2021
Diepeveen, E.T. (author), Iñigo de la Cruz, L.M. (author), Laan, L. (author)
Polarity establishment underlies proper cell cycle completion across virtually all organisms. Much progress has been made in generating an understanding of the structural and functional components of this process, especially in model species. Here we focus on the evolutionary dynamics of the fungal polarization protein network in order to...
review 2017
Holovchenko, A. (author)
This thesis describes the research directed towards practical realization of an on-chip biosensing technology and that of understanding charge transport mechanisms in organic and biological nanoobjects. For this, silicon-based chips with metallic nanoelectrodes were fabricated using electron-beam lithography and metal evaporation. The final...
doctoral thesis 2017