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Klievink, A.J. (author), van der Voort, H.G. (author), Veeneman, Wijnand (author)
Driven by the technological capabilities that ICTs offer, data enable new ways to generate value for both society and the parties that own or offer the data. This article looks at the idea of data collaboratives as a form of cross-sector partnership to exchange and integrate data and data use to generate public value. The concept thereby bridges...
journal article 2018
Klievink, A.J. (author), Bharosa, N. (author), Tan, Y. (author)
The scale of society's evolving challenges gradually surpasses the capacity of the public sector to address them. Coping with these challenges requires budget-short governments to look for innovative ways to transform and improve their operations and service provisioning models. While in many cases transformation starts from the inside-out ...
journal article 2015
Klievink, A.J. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author)
ICT enables business-to-government (b-to-g) information exchange, which can be used to enhance control and compliance by businesses. However, sharing information can cause resistance by businesses, as for them information is key to competitive advantage, whereas governments need this information to conduct their tasks at lower costs. In this...
journal article 2012