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Kokke, C.A. (author), Coutino, Mario (author), Heusdens, R. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author), Anitori, L. (author)
Doppler velocity estimation in pulse-Doppler radar is done by evaluating the target returns of bursts of pulses. While this provides convenience and accuracy, it requires multiple pulses. In adaptive and cognitive radar systems, the ability to adapt on consecutive pulses, instead of bursts, brings potential performance benefits. Hence, with...
conference paper 2022
Yang, Ximei (author)
Nowadays, radar has been applied to human activity classification in the aging-in-place for health monitoring. The complex-valued neural networks (CVNNs) have been only minimally explored, especially on complex-valued radar signals, and there is an outstanding question on whether CVNNs can contribute to improving classification performance. This...
master thesis 2021
Zhao, D. (author)
Beamforming systems operating at millimeter-wave frequencies provide spatial selectivity, array gain and wide bandwidth, which benefit point-to-point Gb/s wireless communication network and high-resolution radar applications. In this thesis, a 60 GHz beamforming transmitter for a pulse Doppler radar is designed, which can be used for indoor...
master thesis 2009