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YANG, FANG (author)
This dissertation describes an approach to building a self-timed asynchronous pulse-mode serial link circuit. Unlike asynchronous handshake circuits or synchronous circuits, this design style does not require any feedback control blocks, which can increase latency, or any clock recovery circuits, which can increase energy consumption and...
master thesis 2021
Mahmoud, A.N.N. (author), Vanderveken, Frederic (author), Adelmann, Christoph (author), Ciubotaru, Florin (author), Hamdioui, S. (author), Cotofana, S.D. (author)
By their very nature, voltage/current excited Spin Waves (SWs) propagate through waveguides without consuming noticeable power. If SW excitation is performed by the continuous application of voltages/currents to the input, which is usually the case, the overall energy consumption is determined by the transducer power and the circuit critical...
conference paper 2021