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Jacquemin, Loic (author)
A changing climate means that the combination of storm surge and river flood waves is becoming increasingly likely. The turbinepumping station of the Delta21 concept, is designed just for that. The energy storage lake and the pumps capable of up to 10,000 m3/s mean that even the highest river discharges can be sluiced to the North Sea in the...
master thesis 2021
de Vilder, Lucas (author)
To combat global warming a transition towards renewable energy sources (RES) is essential. Although RES have much lower life-cycle emissions, they do not offer a continuous and fully predictable output like their fossil-fuelled counterparts. Energy storage is paramount in order to include the growing share of these intermittent sources into the...
master thesis 2017
Kibrit, B. (author)
Introduction While the world moves towards modern renewable energy sources, these sources are not always available which makes them unreliable. At the same time, problems of balancing the daily peak-demand is still performed with expensive fossil fueled units. Sitting perfectly in between supply and demand is a solution with the potential of...
master thesis 2013