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Chang, J. (author), Gao, Jun (author), Esmaeil Zadeh, I.Z. (author), Elshaari, Ali W. (author), Zwiller, Val (author)
At the core of quantum photonic information processing and sensing, two major building pillars are single-photon emitters and single-photon detectors. In this review, we systematically summarize the working theory, material platform, fabrication process, and game-changing applications enabled by state-of-the-art quantum dots in nanowire...
review 2023
Blok, M.S. (author)
Gaining precise control over quantum systems is crucial for applications in quantum information processing and quantum sensing and to perform experimental tests of quantum mechanics. The experiments presented in this thesis implement quantum measurements and real-time feedback protocols that can help to achieve these goals using single electron...
doctoral thesis 2015
Bernien, H. (author)
A quantum network is the essential resource for distributed quantum computation and the enabling technology for secure quantum communication over large distances. Setting up such a network would require establishing quantum connections between local nodes which are capable of generating, processing and storing quantum information. Intensive...
doctoral thesis 2014