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Svenningsson, P.O. (author), Fioranelli, F. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Martone, Anthony F. (author)
In this article, a statistical model of human motion as observed by a network of radar sensors is presented where knowledge on the position and heading of the target provides information on the observation conditions of each sensor node. Sequences of motions are estimated from measurements of instantaneous Doppler frequency, which captures...
journal article 2022
Svenningsson, P.O. (author), Fioranelli, F. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author)
In this paper, the classification of human activity from micro-Doppler spectrograms measured by a radar network is considered. To cope with differences between the training and test datasets due to changes in the set of participants, signal-to-noise ratio and polarimetry, domain adaptation is proposed. To realize this, linear mapping between the...
conference paper 2021
Fasoula, A. (author)
In this thesis, the modeling of extended objects with low-dimensional representations of their 2D geometry is addressed. The ultimate objective is the classification of the objects using libraries of such compact 2D object models that are much smaller than in the state-of-the-art classification schemes based on (High Range Resolution) HRR data....
doctoral thesis 2011