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Czikhardt, Richard (author), van der Marel, H. (author), Papco, Juraj (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author)
Compact and low-cost radar transponders are an attractive alternative to corner reflectors (CRs) for interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) deformation monitoring, datum connection, and geodetic data integration. Recently, such transponders have become commercially available for C-band sensors, which poses relevant questions on...
journal article 2022
Czikhardt, Richard (author), van der Marel, H. (author), van Leijen, F.J. (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author)
The estimation of Signal-to-Clutter Ratio (SCR) of a radar point target, such as a corner reflector, is an essential step for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry and positioning, as it influences the phase measurement variance as well as the absolute positioning precision. The standard method to estimate the SCR of a point target...
journal article 2021
Hassan, A.M. (author)
Characterization of fluid properties is significant in the petroleum engineering practice, especially in solvent-based enhanced oil recovery (SEOR) where the use of injected chemicals should ideally be reduced to the bare minimum in order to minimize the costs and environmental impact of SEOR. However, current techniques for measurement inside...
master thesis 2015