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Muhammad Rasyid Salam, Rasyid (author)
The work presented in this report investigates the effect of replacing natural gas fuel in a radiant tube burner in an industrial furnace with hydrogen fuel. The flue gas is fully contained inside the radiant tube burner and does not come into contact with the iron products inside the furnace. The burner interacts with the process side of the...
master thesis 2020
Mewani, Prashant (author)
The Process and Energy department of the Mechanical, Maritime and Materials faculty of TU Delft and the Dutch company Petrogas Gas-Systems B.V. are working together on the commissioning of a small 50 kW (th) Indirectly Heated Bubbling Fluidised Bed Steam Reformer (IHBFBSR) which will be used to gasify the energy crop Miscanthus. However, the new...
master thesis 2018