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Liu, X. (author), Xiao, Yuchun (author), Jiang, Huihuang (author), Guo, Y. (author), Yu, Mengwen (author), Tan, Wanzhong (author)
This study presents the analogical assessment of the train-induced vibration and radiated noise in a proposed theater. The theater is to be constructed in a region with crowded metro lines, and the assessment is implemented in an analogical building with comparable structural type and metro condition. Prior to the assessment, the comparability...
journal article 2023
Speelman, Ruben (author)
In the underwater environment, it is all but silent. In most parts of the oceans, sunlight is barely available and thus marine animals have evolved to rely on sound for navigation, foraging and communication. Marine animals are not the only sources of underwater sound. Other natural sources such as earthquakes, waves and rain cause ambient noise...
master thesis 2022
Kalikatzarakis, Miltiadis (author), Coraddu, A. (author), Atlar, Mehmet (author), Gaggero, Stefano (author), Tani, Giorgio (author), Villa, Diego (author), Oneto, Luca (author)
The potential impact of underwater radiated noise from maritime operations on marine fauna has become an important issue. The most dominant noise source on a propeller-driven vessel is propeller cavitation, producing both structure-borne and radiated noise, with a broad spectrum that covers a wide range of frequencies. To ensure acceptable...
journal article 2022