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Yin, Jiapeng (author), Hoogeboom, P. (author), Unal, C.M.H. (author), Russchenberg, H.W.J. (author)
Radio frequency interference (RFI) has become a growing concern for weather radar, distorting radar variable estimation. By simultaneously or alternately transmitting the horizontal and vertical polarized waves, polarimetric weather radar can be referred to as SHV radar or AHV radar. The SHV radar can mimic the AHV radar by discarding either...
journal article 2021
Yin, J. (author), Unal, C.M.H. (author), Russchenberg, H.W.J. (author)
Aiming at removing stationary and moving clutter while retaining precipitation for dual-polarization weather radar, a new clutter suppression method, named the object-orientated spectral polarimetric (OBSpol) filter, is put forward in this paper. Based on the spectral polarimetric feature and the range-Doppler continuity of precipitation, the...
journal article 2018