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Yang, Y. (author), Walton, A (author), Sheridan, R. (author), Güth, K. (author), Gauß, R. (author), Gutfleisch, O (author), Buchert, M (author), Steenari, B-M, (author), Van Gerven, T (author), Jones, P.T. (author), Binnemans, K (author)
NdFeB permanent magnets have different life cycles, depending on the applications: from as short as 2–3 years in consumer electronics to 20–30 years in wind turbines. The size of the magnets ranges from less than 1 g in small consumer electronics to about 1 kg in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs), and can be as...
review 2017
Mulders, A.M. (author)
doctoral thesis 1998