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Plokker, M.P. (author), van der Knijff, I.C. (author), de Wit, A.V. (author), Voet, B. (author), Woudstra, T. (author), Khanin, V. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author), van der Kolk, E. (author)
The prospect of using Tm<sup>2+</sup>-doped halides for luminescence solar concentrators (LSCs) requires a thorough understanding of the temperature dependent Tm<sup>2+</sup> excited states dynamics that determines the internal quantum efficiency (QE) and thereby the efficiency of the LSC. In this study we investigated the dynamics in CaX<sub...
journal article 2021
Atiş, Ebru (author)
Due to an increase of precipitation reactions in water by temperature changes, cloggings canoccur in a geothermal doublet. A consequence of the cloggings is that the process of generatinggeothermal energy becomes inefficient eventually. Our goal is to determine which minerals playan important role in the clogging process in each part of the...
bachelor thesis 2020
Seldenthuis, J.S. (author)
In single-molecule junctions, the behavior of a device is determined by the properties of an individual molecule. In this thesis we develop several models to describe both electrical and mechanical effects in such devices, which can be used to design molecules with a specific functionality. We show how the resistance of a molecule varies with...
doctoral thesis 2011