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Mohandas, N.K. (author), Giorgini, Alex (author), Vanazzi, Matteo (author), Riemslag, A.C. (author), Scott, S.P. (author), Popovich, V. (author)
This study investigated the in-situ gaseous (under 150 bar) hydrogen embrittlement behaviour of additively manufactured (AM) Inconel 718 produced from sustainable feedstock. Here, sustainable feedstock refers to the Inconel 718 powder produced by vacuum induction melting inert gas atomisation of failed printed parts or waste from CNC machining....
journal article 2023
Mohandas, Naveen (author)
Laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) is an additive manufacturing (AM) technology that has been gaining a lot of interest as it allows to produce parts with complex geometries and eliminate expensive tooling. Unlike the conventional manufacturing processes where material is removed to make the final component; AM part is manufactured layer-wise as...
master thesis 2022