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Bolijn, Hidde (author), Li, Martin (author), Reurink, Andries (author), van Rijn, Cas (author), Bidarra, Rafael (author)
Many people think of reforestation projects as one-dimensional, simply consisting of planting trees. In reality, a reforestation project takes into account a wide variety of factors, of which the three most important are improving soil quality, reducing fire hazard, and ensuring the prosperity of the community. We posit that a simplistic view on...
conference paper 2022
Gan, S.W. (author)
Coastal erosion is greatly accelerated by the presence of agriculture and aquaculture activities (oil palm plantation or shrimp farming involving the construction of earth bunds) in the natural process. Earth bunds or dykes are constructed to prevent entrainment of seawater into the agriculture area behind the bunds so as to protect these...
master thesis 2014