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Patidar, Avani (author)
The aviation industry's shift towards sustainable propulsion, notably hydrogen-electric propulsion (HEPS), underscores the need to grasp its effects on flight procedures and pilot duties. This research aims to develop a HEPS engine powertrain model for evaluating its influence on flight procedures, especially during critical phases like go...
master thesis 2024
Beyne, Egon (author)
The aerodynamic performance of a regional, propeller-powered strut-braced wing is investigated. The main wing planform and operating conditions are based on an ATR72, to which a strut and jury strut are added. The research focuses on the different drag components in cruise. The first research objective is to quantify the effect the different...
master thesis 2023
Mahieu, T. (author)
Turboprop aircraft achieve higher propulsive efficiencies at lower speeds due to their engine’s ability to accelerate a high mass flow of air at low jet velocities. With the increased importance of environmental considerations in aircraft design, aircraft manufacturers are forced to open up the considered speed domain since a reduction in cruise...
master thesis 2016