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Nishiwaki, T. (author), Yamada, M. (author), Kikuta, T. (author), Kwon, S. (author), Mihashi, H. (author)
Fiber reinforced cementitious composite (FRCC) has a great capability for selfhealing of cracks. Concrete cracks with a sufficiently small crack width (below 0.1 mm) can be closed and self-healed by crystallization of calcium carbonate in the presence of moisture, even in the case of ordinary concrete. Such precipitation is caused by reaction of...
conference paper 2013
van der Hoeven, W. (author)
Residual strength tests were performed on ARALL panels consisting of ARALL3 (3/2) laminates with bonded-on doublers. In particular, the effect of the doubler geometry (shape and thickness) on the residual strength was investigated. Prior to residual strength testing all panels were fatigue loaded to create a realistic type of damage, i.e. cracks...
report 1992
Olthoff, J. (author)
This report provides an inventory of computer programs for composite materials which are owned by or known to the members of the NFK-TVK action group. The programs are divided in four groups: general laminate theory; specific laminate problems; general (F.E.) analysis programs; miscellaneous problems. The programs are not discussed in the report...
report 1990