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Ren, S. (author), Liu, X. (author), Varveri, Aikaterini (author), Khalighi, S. (author), Jing, R. (author), Erkens, S. (author)
The rejuvenation efficiency of aged bitumen is the main concern when developing rejuvenating agents. It is necessary to develop a method to assess the efficiency of rejuvenators using rheological parameters in the whole frequency region. To this end, the 2S2P1D micromechanics model is adopted to fit the entire G∗ master curves of various...
journal article 2023
Li, Mingliang (author), Ren, S. (author), Liu, X. (author), Wu, Zhe (author), Zhang, Haopeng (author), Fan, Weiyu (author), Lin, P. (author), Xu, Jian (author)
This study aims to comprehensively investigate the rejuvenation efficiency of various self-developed compound rejuvenators on the physical, mechanical, and aging properties of aged bitumen, asphalt mortar, and mixture. The results revealed that the restoration capacity of vacuum distilled-oil rejuvenators on high-and-low temperature performance...
journal article 2022