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Post, J.A.B. (author), Pothof, I.W.M. (author), Ten Veldhuis, J.A.E. (author), Langeveld, J.G. (author), Clemens, F.H.L.R. (author)
It remains unknown how lateral house connections affect the performance of the sewer system, since the assessment of serviceability is mainly based on the state of the main sewer system. Further insight into the contribution of lateral house connections to the overall level of service provided can aid to target investments to parts of the system...
conference paper 2014
Van de Korput, R.J.A. (author)
CHP-Belduco is a Combined Heat and Power plant, which was built on the site of Belchem, a chemical company in Flanders, Belgium. The purpose of the plant is to deliver steam and other utilities to the chemical plants on the site. In order to do that efficiently, the combination of heat and electricity is used. The plant is owned and managed by...
master thesis 2012
De Bruijne, M.L.C. (author)
Critical Infrastructures are the arteries and veins of Western, urbanized societies. The services and products provided by these large-scale, complex systems are considered essential. However, in recent years, more and more new problems seem to crop op after these infrastructures were opened up to market forces. What has happened in these...
doctoral thesis 2006