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Christensen, Christian Overgaard (author), Zhang, F. (author), Zarate Garnica, G.I. (author), Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Goltermann, Per (author), Schmidt, Jacob Wittrup (author)
Advanced monitoring methods are required to identify stop criteria in proof-load tests. In this study, the combined methodology of two-dimensional digital image correlation and acoustic emission is investigated for its applicability for future implementation in field tests. The two monitoring systems are deemed to provide valuable insight...
journal article 2022
Liu, H. (author), Kementzetzidis, E. (author), Abell, J. A. (author), Pisano, F. (author)
Serviceability criteria for offshore monopiles include the estimation of long-term, permanent tilt under repeated operational loads. In the lack of well-established analysis methods, experimental and numerical research has been carried out in the last decade to support the fundamental understanding of monopile-soil interaction mechanisms, and...
journal article 2021
Araya, A.A. (author)
This research is focused on the characterization of the mechanical behavior of unbound granular road base materials (UGMs). An extensive laboratory investigation is described, in which various methods for determination of the mechanical properties of granular materials are examined for their applicability, particularly in developing countries....
doctoral thesis 2011