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Zwart, Maureen (author)
The Dutch first-line healthcare domain faces challenges arising from an ageing population and resource limitations, accentuating the need for an effective IT domain. Inadequate interoperability and data portability between information systems used by healthcare organisations in daily processes hinder patient treatment and innovation. This study...
master thesis 2023
Abdelgawad, Ahmed A. (author), Comes, M. (author)
Evaluation and testing are significant steps in developing any information system. More attention must be devoted to these steps if the system is to be used in high-risk contexts, such as the response to conflict disasters. Several testing methodologies are designed to guarantee that software fulfills technology requirements; others will assure...
book chapter 2023
Schouten, D.G.M. (author), Deneka, Agnes A. (author), Theune, Mariët (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Cremers, Anita H.M. (author)
People of low literacy could benefit from automated support when learning about societal participation. We design an Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) ‘coach’ that can provide effective learning support to low-literate learners, develop a prototype virtual learning environment, and evaluate this prototype with low-literate end users. First,...
journal article 2022
Sethia, Manisha (author)
Machine Learning models are begin increasingly used within the industry such as by financial institutions, governments and commercial companies. In the past few years, there have been several incidents where these ML models show discriminatory behavior towards particular groups of people, leading to unfair decisions that can have negative...
master thesis 2021
Fonseca, Xavier (author)
This thesis broadens current understanding of how location-based games can promote meaningful social interaction in citizens' own neighbourhoods. It investigates social cohesion and the role of social interaction to its promotion, delves into which requirements users have for playing in their neighbourhood and with its citizens, and takes a...
doctoral thesis 2021
Schouten, D.G.M. (author)
This thesis presents the research, design, and evaluation of the learning support system VESSEL: Virtual Environment to Support the Societal participation Education of Low-literates. The project was started from the premise that people of low literacy in the Netherlands participate in society less often and less effectively than literate people...
doctoral thesis 2020
Lazo, Claudio (author)
Algorithmic decision-making (ADM) is becoming increasingly prevalent in society, due to the rapid technological developments in Artificial Intelligence. ADM make substantially impactful decisions about people: diagnosing whether we have a disease, what news and which ads we get to see, whether we<br/>are eligible for a job, benefits, a college...
master thesis 2020
Schouten, D.G.M. (author), Massink, Pim (author), Donker, Stella F. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author)
In this study, we attempt to specify the cognitive support behavior of a previously designed embodied conversational agent coach that provides learning support to low-literates. Three knowledge gaps are identified in the existing work: an incomplete specification of the behaviors that make up ‘support,’ an incomplete specification of how this...
journal article 2020
van Engelenburg, S.H. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Klievink, A.J. (author)
Context-aware systems are systems that have the ability to sense and adapt to the environment. To operate in large-scale multi-stakeholder environments, systems often require context awareness. The context elements that systems in such environments should take into account are becoming ever more complex and go beyond elements like geographic...
journal article 2018
Mathot, Maarten (author), Coenders, J.L. (author), Rolvink, A. (author)
This paper presents the development of a novel computational framework with which expert analysis knowledge can be captured, stored and dynamically retrieved when required to determine the performance of a building design with respect to user-defined requirements. By subdividing the engineer's and designer's knowledge into discrete steps, and...
conference paper 2016
Reza, A.Y. (author)
In this thesis we report on our investigation of requirements engineering (RE) practices and challenges in global software engineering (GSE) settings. We conducted a literature survey and a series of interviews/surveys to reach our goal. The subject of the research is the banking industry in the Netherlands actively involved in GSE. More...
master thesis 2015
Singh, M.P. (author), Arrott, M. (author), Balke, T. (author), Chopra, A. (author), Christiaanse, R.M.J. (author), Cranefield, S. (author), Dignum, F. (author), Eynard, D. (author), Farcas, E. (author), Fornare, N. (author), Gandon, F. (author), Governatori, G. (author), Dam, H.K. (author), Hulstijn, J. (author), Krueger, I. (author), Lam, H.P. (author), Meisinger, M. (author), Noriega, P. (author), Tony, B. (author), Savarimuthu, R. (author), Tadanki, K. (author), Verhagen, H. (author), Villata, S. (author)
This chapter presents a variety of applications of norms. These applications include governance in sociotechnical systems, data licensing and data collection, understanding software development teams, requirements engineering, assurance, natural resource allocation, wireless grids, autonomous vehicles, serious games, and virtual worlds.
book chapter 2013
Verheij, X.R. (author)
The combination between agile software engineering and distributed engineering is gaining a growing interest. Combining these however creates an interesting paradox. Where agile clearly states that documentation is not the most important thing, from the field of globally distributed engineering a higher focus on documentation is observed. In...
master thesis 2012
Krouwel, M. (author), Op 't Land, M. (author)
Developing cross-organizationally usable applications is becoming increasingly important. However, actually re-using business applications has been hindered in practice often by implicit assumptions about organizational and IT implementation. We propose a method to gather requirements for cross- organizationally usable applications that, taking...
conference paper 2012
Dos Santos Soares, M. (author)
In the research that led to this thesis a multi-disciplinary approach, combining Traffic Engineering and Software Engineering, was used. Traffic engineers come up with new control strategies and algorithms for improving traffic. Once new solutions are defined from a Traffic Engineering point of view, there is the problem of obtaining operational...
doctoral thesis 2010
Visser, C.K. (author)
The graduation project is run as an internship at software company Exact. The company wants to reduce the time to market for their products. To achieve this objective, Exact wants to adopt agile development and is aiming towards the implementation of a development process that is both globally distributed and Scrum-like. The project’s goal in...
master thesis 2010
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