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Moktadir, Md Abdul (author), Kumar, Anil (author), Ali, Syed Mithun (author), Paul, Sanjoy Kumar (author), Sultana, Razia (author), Rezaei, J. (author)
Eco-efficiency and resource optimization for business strategy and the environment can be achieved by the circular economy (CE) practices in supply chains (SCs). The leather industry is a significant industrial contributor to the economic growth of some countries, but at the same time, it leads to tremendous environmental pollution. This...
journal article 2020
Arroyo Valles, M.D.R. (author), Simonetto, A. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
In wireless sensor networks, where energy is scarce, it is inefficient to have all nodes active because they consume a non-negligible amount of battery. In this paper we consider the problem of jointly selecting sensors, relays and links in a wireless sensor network where the active sensors need to communicate their measurements to one or...
journal article 2017
Delipetrev, B. (author)
Reservoir operation is a multi-objective optimization problem traditionally solved with dynamic programming (DP) and stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) algorithms. The thesis presents novel algorithms for optimal reservoir operation named nested DP (nDP), nested SDP (nSDP), nested reinforcement learning (nRL) and their multi-objective (MO)...
doctoral thesis 2016