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Yarali, E. (author), Baniasadi, Mahdi (author), Zolfagharian, Ali (author), Chavoshi, Maede (author), Arefi, Fatemeh (author), Hossain, Mokarram (author), Bastola, Anil (author), Ansari, Mahdi (author), Foyouzat, Alireza (author), Dabbagh, Ali (author), Ebrahimi, Mohamad (author), Mirzaali, Mohammad J. (author), Bodaghi, Mahdi (author)
Magneto-/ electro-responsive polymers (MERPs) are a class of stimuli-responsive materials that are actuated when triggered by external magnetic/ electric fields. MERPs exhibit rapid, reversible, and safe multi-functional and dynamic (i.e., changing with time) properties, which can effectively be manipulated at different length scales. These...
review 2022
Picken, S.J. (author), Filonenko, G.A. (author)
Polymer glasses have an irregular structure. Among the causes for such complexity are the chemically distinct chain end groups that are the most abundant irregularities in any linear polymer. In this work, we demonstrate that chain end induced defects allow polymer glasses to create confined environments capable of hosting small emissive...
journal article 2021
Canossa, S. (author), Filonenko, G.A. (author)
Every measurement technique operates on a given timescale and measurements using emissive small molecule sensors are no exception. A family of luminescent sensors providing first optical characterization of dynamic phenomena in polymers at a timescale of several microseconds is described. This performance originates from the dynamics...
journal article 2019