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Pilarczyk, K.W. (author), Klein Breteler, M. (author), Bezuijen, A. (author)
A summary of the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the stability of block-revetment structures under wave attack is given. This has been accomplished by selecting the very essence of the design formulas from (CUR/TAW, 1992/1994) and completing it afterwards with a database of results of large-scale model studies from all over the world....
report 1995
Klein Breteler, M. (author), Bezuijen, A. (author)
The permeability of a layer of closely placed concrete blocks on a sublayer of gravel or sand without a geotextile has been investigated. The results indicate that the permeability of the blocks can be described as a combination of the permeability of the joints and the permeability of the the gravel just below the blocks. The permeability of...
report 1988
Bezuijen, A. (author), Klein Breteler, M. (author), Bakker, K.J. (author)
Design criteria for the coverlayer and filter layer of a placed block revetment are presented. These design criteria were derived on the basis of large scale model tests on revetments and test on granular filters. It is shown that the hydraulic loading in the filter can be described with equations of quasi-stationary flow. General filter...
report 1987