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Bruun, P. (author), Günbak, A.R. (author)
Existing design formulas for rubble-mound breakwaters under wave attack contain the wave height, H, and the slope angle, cc, as parameters of the wave characteristics (for d/H > 3.0, d being the water depth in front or the structure) and structure characteristics (incl. permeability, roughness, interlocking-, etc.) excluding the effect of wave...
report 1977
Pilarczyk, K.W. (author)
Overzicht van de stabiliteit van grindstranden en oeververdedigingen van rip-rap bij loodrechte golfaanval. Inventarisatie van evenwichtsprofielen.
report 1975
Campbell, F.B. (author)
This paper summarizes a study of open channel flow conditions affecting riprap design and suggests a design procedure based on hydraulic principles rather than on rule-of-thumb formulas. Riprap design is idealized by study of the stability of a cubical element. Field and laboratory investigations required for the development of firm design...
report 1966