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Ganesh, Vikram (author)
Infrastructures have become important for the holistic growth of any country. With the number of such projects being constantly on the rise each year, its efficient maintenance has become a primary requirement for any asset owner. Among the many techniques available, FMECA is widely used for maintenance planning. In this method, different...
master thesis 2019
Ravulakollu, V.B.A.K. (author), Urciuoli, Luca (author), Rukanova, B.D. (author), Tan, Y. (author), Hakvoort, R.A. (author)
Risk management frameworks offer excellent tools to identify and manage risks in supply chains. Existing tools can be used to evaluate impacts of countermeasures, however, analysts struggle with modelling how disruptions escalate in complex supply chain systems within a certain amount of time and across several stakeholders. On the contrary, the...
journal article 2018
Ravulakollu, Anil (author)
Today, shipping industry is a complex system involving multiple actors, multiple interests and intricate interactions occurring at different levels.With any disruption to interaction occurring there would be multiple impacts and accumulation of costs on individual actors operating in the system.Unless these risks are well understood and...
master thesis 2017