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Lucassen, Obbe (author)
Accurate estimates of terrestrial water storage variations (TWSV) are critical for a variety of applications, e.g., model calibration and climate studies. This study aims to find the added value of river run-off data for regularizing GRACE mascon solution, from which TWSV can be estimated. Most subbasins of the Mississippi Basin show an...
master thesis 2021
Schoenmakers, N.W.A. (author)
Puget Sound is a large glacially carved basin, in between the Cascade and Olympic mountains in the northwest of Washington state, United States. A shallow sill at the north end of Admirality Inlet separates Puget Sound from the strait of Juan de Fuca. To better understand Puget Sound and the changes the region undergoes, it is necessary to be...
master thesis 2007
Anonymus, A. (author)
If we plot the discharges of natural water-courses measured under all manner of circumstances against the water levels measured at the same time, the points obtained win give us what is called the stage-discharge relation curve. But it should be noted that the relation win only be a true one ifthere is no backwater effect (due, for exampIe, to a...
report 1969