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Wang, Jinyang (author), Dijkstra, Y.M. (author), de Swart, Huib E. (author)
Net water transport (NWT) in estuaries is important for, for example, salt intrusion and sediment dynamics. While NWT is only determined by river runoff in single channels, in estuarine networks, it results from a complex interplay between tides and residual flows. This study aims to disentangle the various contributions of these physical...
journal article 2022
Wang, Jinyang (author), de Swart, Huib E. (author), Dijkstra, Y.M. (author)
Estuaries are often characterised by a complex network of branching channels, in which the water motion is primarily driven by tides and fresh water discharge. For both scientific reasons and management purposes, it is important to gain more fundamental knowledge about the hydrodynamics in such networks, as well as their implications for...
journal article 2021
De Jongste, A.L. (author)
The area of the Merwedes is a transition zone between a tide-dominated area and a river-dominated area. With increasing river discharge, the influence of river flow dominates in this part of the Rhine-Meuse Delta. The composition of the river bed of the Merwedes is also a transitional area, because of the presence of both sand and mud. It is...
master thesis 2010