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Erceylan, Meriç (author)
In this Thesis a fast, low-cost, anthropomorphic robotic hand with tactile feedback is designed. The hand consists of an index finger and a thumb, both of which have four degrees of freedom. All eight degrees of freedom are fully actuated using eight servomotors whose forces are transferred using tendons. The design introduces tendon routing to...
master thesis 2022
Ratz, Raphael (author), Conti, François (author), Müri, René M. (author), Marchal Crespo, L. (author)
Neurorehabilitation research suggests that not only high training intensity, but also somatosensory information plays a fundamental role in the recovery of stroke patients. Yet, there is currently a lack of easy-to-use robotic solutions for sensorimotor hand rehabilitation. We addressed this shortcoming by developing a novel clinical-driven...
journal article 2021
Kragten, G.A. (author)
There is an emerging need to apply adaptive robotic hands to substitute humans in dangerous, laborious, or monotonous work. The state-of-the-art robotic hands cannot fulfill this need, because they are expensive, hard to control and they consist of many vulnerable motors and sensors. It is aimed to develop simple, adaptive hands that are capable...
doctoral thesis 2011