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Presa Magriña, Guillermo (author)
Throughout history, human progress has been defined by the mastery of materials, transitioning from stone and bronze to the steel age. However, this progression has not only been defined by the materials utilized but has also encompassed a shift in processes, moving from the industrial to the information era. Despite the advances in fabrication...
master thesis 2024
Verhagen, Joris (author)
Humans and other biological bipedal walkers are extraordinarily agile and robust. This is especially apparent when certain features of the environment are unknown such as unexpected downsteps (for example, suddenly walking off the side-walk or not expecting the last stair when descending). Humans can negotiate these downsteps ---both expected...
master thesis 2022
van den Broek, Maarten (author)
Bipedal running gaits may be self-stable if they rely on the intrinsic system dynamics to attenuate deviations. This use of passive dynamics for gait stability has been observed in biological running and applied for running robotics, supported with the results of numerical simulations. It is an important aspect of the development of fast and...
master thesis 2019