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Bouarfa, Soufiane (author), Aydoğan, Reyhan (author), Sharpanskykh, Alexei (author)
This paper proposes and evaluates a new airline disruption management strategy using multi-agent system modelling, simulation, and verification. This new strategy is based on a multi-agent negotiation protocol and is compared with three airline strategies based on established industry practices. The application concerns Airline Operations...
journal article 2021
Jin, C.J. (author), Knoop, V.L. (author), Li, Dawei (author), Meng, Ling Yu (author), Wang, Hao (author)
In this paper, we discuss the mechanisms for discretionary lane-changing behavior in traffic flow. NGSIM video data are used to check the validity of different lane-changing rules, and 373 lane changes at 4 locations in US-101 highway are analyzed. We find that the classical lane-changing rules of rule-based model cannot explain many cases in...
journal article 2018
Ebertshäuser, S. (author), Von Both, P. (author)
On behalf of the BBR (German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning) the development of an Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) based inspection tool was accomplished as application on an underlying work-in-progress development framework. By providing a machine-based checking process the tool ModelCheck was rolled out to meet demands...
conference paper 2013