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Janssen, Floor (author)
Running is one of the most practiced sports worldwide, offering numerous health benefits, but also carrying a risk of injury, mainly at the knee and ankle joints. The origin of running injuries is not fully understood. With predictive neuromusculoskeletal simulations, more insight could be gained into the biomechanical mechanisms that may lead...
master thesis 2024
Choi, Yapkan (author)
Person re-identification based on appearance is challenging due to varying views and lighting conditions in different cameras, or when multiple persons wear similar clothing styles and color. Considering these challenges, gait patterns provide an alternative to appearance, as gait can be captured from a distance and at a low resolution. In this...
master thesis 2020
van den Broek, Maarten (author)
Bipedal running gaits may be self-stable if they rely on the intrinsic system dynamics to attenuate deviations. This use of passive dynamics for gait stability has been observed in biological running and applied for running robotics, supported with the results of numerical simulations. It is an important aspect of the development of fast and...
master thesis 2019