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Ao, Yibin (author), Li, Mingyang (author), Ding, Xuan (author), Zheng, Junjie (author), Xiao, Shan (author), Deng, Shulin (author), Zhang, Zijun (author), Wang, Yan (author), Wang, T. (author), Martek, Igor (author)
With the rise of global urbanization, the rural built environment has undergone tremendous changes. As such, the rural built environment impacts on residents’ daily travel behavior is getting more researchers’ attention. To date, most of the research focuses on urban areas in developed countries. To understand the state-of-the-art of interplay...
review 2022
Li, Haimei (author), Han, Li (author), Ao, Yibin (author), Wang, Yan (author), Wang, T. (author)
Since the reform and opening up of China, the rural built environment has changed dramatically. There is a need to understand how such changes have impacted rural children’s school travel mode choice to design the built environment and plan schools accordingly. This paper combines field measurement methods and questionnaires to obtain data on...
journal article 2022