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Schakel, A.F. (author)
For a travelling exhibition in Saudi-Arabia I have researched ways to build with sand in a temporary way. Using the existing sandbag-technique 'super adobe' of Nader Khalili combined with an inflatable roof a new method is born. This building system allows changes and flexibility when the building travels. It is more sustainable than the current...
master thesis 2014
Klein Breteler, M. (author), Pilarczyk, K.W. (author)
Summary of design methods for alternative revetments, such as interlock systems and block mats, gabions, concrete mattresses and geosystems, such as sandbags and sand sausages. This contribution aims at giving a summary of the increased knowledge, especially that concerning the design tools that have been made available.
report 1988
Bruinsma, R. (author)
The behavior of the gunny bags under strong currents has been investigated in a flume on a scale of 1:1 . In the first test series a dam was built up with gunny bags only. The bags in the dam are quite stable up till a velocity of ca 2.60 m/s. With larger velocities the current is removing the bags to such an extend, that the flow cross-section...
report 1985