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Van der Vegte, W.F. (author)
To enhance the effectiveness of engineering simulations in product development, this thesis presents a new approach that enables designers to include human responses and reactions to artefact behaviour in their investigations. It does so without requiring deployment of real human subjects or investing in interactive virtual environments. The new...
doctoral thesis 2009
Van der Vegte, W.F. (author), Rusák, Z. (author)
We introduce a methodology for modeling and simulating fully virtual human-artifact systems, aiming to resolve two issues in virtual prototyping: (i) integration of distinct modeling and simulation approaches, and (ii) extending the deployability of simulations towards conceptual design. We are going to offer designers a new way of investigating...
conference paper 2008
Van der Vegte, W.F. (author), Horváth, I. (author)
Conventionally, simulation of product behaviour is employed as a pre-realization type of assessment at the end of the design process, making only late feedback for improvement possible. Enabling the start of optimization in the conceptualization is expected to have significant influence on design efficiency. However, the available information at...
conference paper 2003