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Srinivasan, Srinidhi (author)
For any real-time system, being predictable with respect to time is a basic necessity. The combination of a preemptive execution model and a multiprocessor platform poses a challenge when analysing the predictability of a system. In this thesis, we present a new type of framework for the worst-case response time analysis for preemptive tasks...
master thesis 2020
Nasri, Mitra (author), Nelissen, Geoffrey (author), Brandenburg, Björn B. (author)
Most recurrent real-time applications can be modeled as a set of sequential code segments (or blocks) that must be (repeatedly) executed in a specific order. This paper provides a schedulability analysis for such systems modeled as a set of parallel DAG tasks executed under any limited-preemptive global job-level fixed priority scheduling...
conference paper 2019