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Bisschop, Femke (author)
Mangrove forests are important (sub)tropical intertidal ecosystems providing coastal protection and other ecosystem services like carbon storage and biodiversity. In view of the loss of these forests many rehabilitation projects have started, but unfortunately these efforts often fail. A main cause for coastal erosion is a disrupted (fine)...
master thesis 2023
van Gijzen, Laurie (author)
Introduction <br/>San Francisco Bay is one of the largest estuaries of the US Pacific Coast with an area of 4000 km2. It consists of two hydrologically distinctive sub-embayments North Bay and South Bay. South Bay is unique as it does not experience the freshwater flushing typical for estuaries. It experiences the largest freshwater input during...
master thesis 2020
Pearson, S.G. (author), van Prooijen, Bram (author), Elias, Edwin P.L. (author), Vitousek, Sean (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author)
Connectivity provides a framework for analyzing coastal sediment transport pathways, building on conceptual advances in graph theory from other scientific disciplines. Connectivity schematizes sediment pathways as a directed graph (i.e., a set of nodes and links). This study presents a novel application of graph theory and connectivity...
journal article 2020