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Deng, Zhirui (author), Huang, Dong (author), He, Qing (author), Chassagne, C. (author)
Sediment is found throughout the world’s alluvial plain rivers, estuarine coasts and adjacent seas and is thereby a key factor in major ecosystems. Suspended mineral sediment can affect the biological activity of microorganisms and plants, by reducing light penetration in the water column or by binding to organic matter. Biological processes...
review 2022
Guo, Chao (author), He, Qing (author), Guo, Leicheng (author), Winterwerp, J.C. (author)
In order to improve our understandings of temporal and vertical variations of sediment flocculation dynamics within the turbidity maxima (TM) of the highly turbid Yangtze Estuary (YE), we deployed LISST-100C, a laser instrument for in-situ monitor of the sizes and concentrations of flocculated particles in a wet season. Field data in terms of...
journal article 2017