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Liu, K. (author), Vardon, P.J. (author), Hicks, M.A. (author)
Internal erosion, or piping, has been attributed as a major cause of dam and embankment failures. Most prediction models for predicting piping use the hydraulic gradient between the upstream and downstream water levels as an indicator. No explicit consideration is made regarding preferential pathways, although piping usually initiates from a...
journal article 2019
Otake, Y. (author), Honjo, Y. (author), Hiramatsu, Y. (author), Lee, K. (author), Kodaka, T. (author)
A design scheme is proposed to evaluate the safety of continuous linear structure i.e. river levee. The scheme is developed to establish a procedure to continuously evaluate the stability failure of embankment during flood runoff by seepage, and to identify locations for reinforcement of river levee. A 20km stretch of a fairly large river...
conference paper 2015