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Dong, Xiaohan (author)
Math Anxiety (MA) is some of the most notable mental health issues. The causes and development of MA are complex and inconclusive. This study highlighted that language patterns differ between people with high and low MA. Especially, the word categories positive emotion, insight, articles and linguistic dimensions. This study included two...
master thesis 2023
Hellen, K. (author), Saaksjarvi, M.C. (author)
In this research we investigated the interplay between celebrities holding positive vs. negative media images and women’s self-esteem and purchase intensions. Study 1 documents that “good” celebrities decrease consumers’ self-esteem while a “bad” celebrity increase self-esteem. Study 2 shows that changes in self-esteem transfer to the product if...
conference paper 2012
Van den Brule, D.L. (author)
This MSc. Thesis was a collaboration between the Delft University of Technology, the University of Amsterdam and Interapy. Interapy is a psycho-therapeutic institution successfully applying online burnout therapy. Their internet treatment only includes textual contact with their patients and they wanted to extend this contact with a game-based...
master thesis 2011