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Jaspers Focks, Thijmen (author), van Veltom, Harvey (author), Wigmore, Viktor (author), Nguyen, Wing (author)
As the amount of digital content being shared is increasing, the need for a privacy protecting and resilient method of file sharing grows. New copyright law proposals are suggesting that governments and corporations are attempting to claim control over the use of the internet. As these new laws may lead to restrictions in digital content sharing...
bachelor thesis 2018
Heijligers, Jaap (author), van den Berg, René (author), Hoppenbrouwer, Mitchell (author)
Throughout this project two components have been created: Cloudomate and
PlebNet. Cloudomate is a program that can purchase virtual private servers (VPS)
from a number of providers with Bitcoin, it is accessed through a command line
interface and published as Python library. PlebNet is the implementation of an
autonomous self...
bachelor thesis 2017