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Shen, Yanfeng (author), Wang, Huai (author), Al Durra, Ahmed (author), Qin, Z. (author), Blaabjerg, Frede (author)
This paper proposes a new series resonant DC-DC converter with four configurable operation states depending on the input voltage and output voltage levels. It suits well for the DC-DC stage of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems with a wide-input voltage range and different grid voltage levels, i.e., 110/120 V and 220/230/240 V. The...
journal article 2019
Valtchev, S.S. (author)
The development of more efficient power converters is the most important and challenging task for Power Electronics specialists. In the same time, many currently existing or yet to appear future applications require full mechanical independence between the transmitter and receiver of the electrical energy. This contactless form of energy...
book 2008